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Thread: Where to get OM4 repaired?

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    Default Where to get OM4 repaired?

    Any got lubang/idea where can I get my OM4 repaired. The viewfinder digital display had gone bonkers; doesn't display the correct exposure information. I think multi-spot metering also gone.

    Oly Singapore doesn't take it in anymore.

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    Try some camera repair shops in Peninsular areas. They might have some faulty OM4 which they can salvage the parts from.

    TCW, The camera Workshop in Peninsular Shopping Center.

    and a few other camera shops in Peninsular Plaza's Level 2.

    Then again, a 2nd hand OM4 might be cheaper than the repair cost though.

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    Can try David from P&G in The Adelphi. His number is 6837 0696


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