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Thread: Printing posters & interpolation

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    hi guys!

    Gotta love free consultation. Err, any hints/advice on workflow, minimum dpi, minimum resolution to stretch to A3 or bigger size, camera settings etc?. Using a d70 and looking to print posters around A3 size or bigger.

    Thanks in advance!

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    wah, not many people print posters here huh? =(

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    Largest me and my friends ever printed from a 6MP DSLR was A0.
    That was for a Shop's In-store poster.

    Since A0 is 8X larger than a is common to see "grains" or pixels, up close, if u view it within 30cm like reading a book.

    But if u display it on a wall and stand 1m distance, viewing looks nice still.

    Workflow, dpi, resolutions etc are the same.
    Just std Photoshop editing to correct any "flaws", and taken using the max resolution of the camera.

    (for A3, even a D2H's 4MP is good enough)

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    Hmm, i ever tried printing an A2 1/2 with a 2mp Ixus. But quite abit of things to do to cover up the pixels and stuff. D70(300Dpi) should not be of a problem printing up to A1(the biggest i went so far).

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    ahh, cool man, thanks =)


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