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    Hi guys,

    My wife's colleague, W, told her and others that she could get a well-known cosmetic product below market rate. W mentioned that she was getting it from her friend's client's wife, who is a 'distributor'.

    When the items arrived, my wife sensed that they may not be genuine and alerted the others. They then went to the cosmetic company's counter at a departmental stall to verify. The counter staff confirmed their suspicions. One of them decided to e-mail W and told her what happened and they wanted to get in touch with the 'distributor'. Their intention in doing so is to prevent other victims who would otherwise unwittingly use the items without knowing the products are fake. They also expected a fair deal as they thought they were dealing with a 'distributor'.

    W forwarded the e-mail to her friend, Y, asking for details of the 'distributor'. Y's reply was that 'it involves her client and her company and she didn't want to jeopardise her company and her relations with the client'. Y also mentioned that 'none of her friends complained about the items' and if any of W's colleagues are uncomfortable they should then stop using the items.

    Y followed up the reply with another e-mail, saying that she spoke to the 'distributor', who claims that the items are from Japan and 'packaging may be different because she is taking rejected items (fault in packaging)'. She mentioned again for W's colleagues to stop using the items if they are uncomfortable, without any mention of exchange, let alone refund.

    Since this transaction was 'among friends', no receipt was issued. I don't think CASE will take up the matter. I also understand that my wife and her colleagues may not have any legal recourse at all, but hope that some of you legal experts can suggest something.

    Any form of assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    Here's my 2 cents. Take it as a lesson and forget about it. Most importantly do not buy any more such products and advise others to do likewise. IMHO you do not have a case. Unless you are willing to set up a sting. Buy the product and get it all on tape or video or keep the emails confirming that the product is genuine.

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    your wife and her friends can try lodging a claim against W with the small claims tribunal, for misrepresentation. as evidence they can produce a joint sworn statement, and the fake cosmetic products sold by W.

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    how abt going to the authentic cosmestic company and tell them about it? let them know that there r fakos out there jerpodizing their business?

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    actually this is like a string lor... your wife & frens can sue W (if you take the product to do a sample test & confirm that its fake) den W to protect her butt will have to sue Y, and who knows, Y may have to sue the other party, just to save each other's butt...

    your wife can't directly sue the manufacturer unless she sue the middle ppl... same like the local celebrity case (dunno wats the name)
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