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Thread: tele converter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hong Jia
    where is TK photo... Paiseh

    I only noe AP, CP, MS n TCW... What does TK stands for...

    Beach Road Shaw err.. Bldg i think. Hehe. Anyway here is the website.

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    Physical Address: 100 Beach Road #02-45 SHAW TOWERS, S(189702)

    Operating Hours: 9:00am to 6.30pm (Mon-Sat)

    Enquiry Hotline: +65 62924533/62928167

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimDavis
    I think tkp77 encountered the same problem when he tested the 2x TCON at the shop. Images turned out blur.
    Yes 2x will be even worse compared to 1.7x. I'm using a $57 Silk EZ pod junior. Although quite an entry level Monopod, i think it's quite sufficient for FZ-20.

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    Oh that one is call TK photo Ar... Thanks... I remember the big shop at shaw... with a big Olympus sign one issit... and the bags all displayed in the centre of the shop one issit... For a moment i forgot about the shop.

    Thanks a lot

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