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    hi there

    let's say i am freelancing for a wedding planner or some bridal shop...what is the current market rate for charging them for ROM & wedding day photography?

    please share your advice..thanks!

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    Depends on what to shoot many rolls they wants? how many hours ur gona stick to the event too!
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    lets say for ROM, not more than 2 rolls, not more than 2 hours

    wedding abit more flexible, but not earlier than 7am and later than 11pm (early and late charge apply) ... and not more than 8-12 rolls? how?

    i mean, what is the standard working hours/rolls anyway? i just follow the market lor.

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    thanks geno, for PM-ing me. glad i'm still within the standard market rate!

    for those who are too shy to post their market rate here, can PM me


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