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Thread: Need advice on photography for Travelling in Europe!

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    Default Re: Need advice on photography for Travelling in Europe!

    Quote Originally Posted by 13lackant View Post
    I see, cool! And nope i won't be bringing a tripod. Planning to primarily enjoy the trip rather than be weighed down by lugging a tripod and many lenses along. I understand that there may be quite a lot of nice landscape shots that require a long shutter speed and a tripod though! Do you have any interesting solutions as to a make shift tripod?
    Ah... hmm... I think a tripod would probably be more valuable than any second lens. If you're serious about landscape/cityscape photography, a tripod would also be essential anyway.

    I have tried all manner of tripod substitutes, ranging from table top tripods, to gorillapods, to the zipshot, to simply finding a ledge and hoping for the best, and while you can often make do with a (strong) table top tripod/gorillapod in cities as there are usually places for you to place the tripod on, in the countryside that doesn't work so well. That said though, even in cities, nothing can really replace a real tripod, as the ledge method severely limits your potential angles.

    Also, bear in mind that you're there in fall/winter, so the days are quite short. In Cambridge, in winter the sun sets around 4pm and rises at around 8am... so there's quite a lot of darkness to deal with. Further north would be even worse, I was at the arctic circle during the winter solstice, and there was only 2 hours of daylight.
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    Hi. Since you decided not to bring a tripod, then you should just concentrate on one genre. Landscapes or street or portraiture. Depends on your preference. This will ensure you remain focus on what you wanna shoot.

    My choice is the 1750 and 28mm. Even though its a non VC, at 2.8, you should be shooting minimally at 1/50 which should compensate for that and will be sharp. Your worry is if you need it sharp throughout at f8 or 11, you need to find a better lighted place.

    The 28, like some fellow cser mention only for low light. But do this. Try using the 28 for a few days. Resist the temptation of changing lens. You will begin to think differently and bond with your camera at that range. Afterall your trip to an unknown place beckons for exploration too.

    That is what I'll do if I'm you.
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    Since u hv space constrain, just stick with tamron 2.8 will do. It can do wat a 28mm can do and u dont worry abt changing lens
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    Default Re: Need advice on photography for Travelling in Europe!

    I am now in Europe with 2 prime lens. The wide angle does see more uses than tele. I do wish I have a fast zoom instead of having to change lens frequently. Since it is with other students, you may want to bring a tripod and remote trigger so that you are in the photo. CPL and ND filters will be useful when taking landscapes.

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    Just bring the tamron will do. Don't keep changing lens. Not only you will attract alot of attraction from thieves, you are also wasting your time in your photography. You should be appreciating the culture and environment more than changing lens. Socialize more with people. Don't overdo your photography.

    Stick to tamron and you will learn how to maximize it.

    Travel light and small.

    I ever just use one prime 35mm f1.8 for the entire trip in HK. I get to appreciate this lens and had learn how to maximize it

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    Default Re: Need advice on photography for Travelling in Europe!

    Travel in Europe before be very cautious with your valuable items specially with your money, passport, camera and etc. If it is out of sight is as good as say good bye to them.
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    Default Re: Need advice on photography for Travelling in Europe!

    Having been living in the UK for more than 7 years (still here!), my advice is to bring the 17-55 and 28mm.
    Reason being 17-55 is versatile and the 28mm can be used when you intend to travel light.

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    Default Re: Need advice on photography for Travelling in Europe!

    The last time i went to Europe with Chan Brothers, it was pretty rush and seriously there wasn't enough time for me to set up my tripod and take a nice photo. Dont know so much about which lens you should bring, but probably the one that can help you take a gd shot in low light as alot of the churches do not allow flash photography

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    Default Re: Need advice on photography for Travelling in Europe!

    TS should sell the ff:
    Tamron 17-50 f2.8 non-VC
    Canon 18-55 f3.5-5.6 IS
    Canon 28mm f1.8 (prime)
    Canon 50mm f1.4 (prime)

    and get the canon 17-55mm. just bring this lens and you're covered

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    the 28mm is not a very good lens. I had it. the corners are very bad even when stopped down even my kit lens can beat it. colors are not good as well

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    I suggest you go with the tele.

    I was in Europe 2 years ago, with Nikon gear :

    18-55mm VR **
    55-200mm VR *
    12-24mm f4 (Tokina) ***

    And a gorillapod (fantastic! quick alot of places don't allow tripod, do check).

    Most of the time the 12-24mm stays on the body. As Europe architecturally is different from Singapore, lots' of open space, cloudless sky. Tele comes in handy when grabbing sunset over the building/tree, and to snap some of the local/artist from remote.
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