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Thread: tripod for lumix-F7

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    Default tripod for lumix-F7

    another newbie asking for tripod recommendations. i'm keen to get a tripod for my lumix F7, that can have a max. height of at least 1.2m. as lumix is a small and lightweight camera, the tripod shld also be lightweight :P

    would appreciate if you can also state where i can get the tripod, and how much it will cost me. i'm also open to 2nd hand ones, juz in case you guys have upgraded to higher-end camera (and higher-end tripod), and have spare ones. i would prefer to get it before 9th Aug. Thinkin of going to Kallang to take some firework pics.


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    Slik U6600/8000
    the first one cost around $40+ at CP


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