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anyway.. video is uploaded. I ran out of box sealing tape and used gaffer tape instead. Gaffer tape is not as strong but as you can see, still works for "fresher" goo...

Thanks for the video daredevil123. I tried what you did but still i fail. I guess the goo was hardened already that is why i can't remove it. After that I decided to email Olympus SC then they replied to bring down my pen for assessment. I went there today and ask them how much but the customer service replied to wait for the technicians evaluation. After few minutes, the technician went back to customer service with my pen with a very clean LCD screen. Goo gone! I ask him how much and he replied "it's OK sir its for FREE" Walao!, this problem has been bugging me for couple days then suddenly for few minutes problem gone. I can't explain my feelings a while ago but i just say thank you and thank you BIG THANK YOU to them.

Lesson learned: "Don't Worry To Much."

Likewise with you guys, thank you for allotting some of your precious time for helping. I really appreciate it much.