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Thread: Heard of a $2.2k foldable bicycle?

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    Initially I was neutral coz I always believe that it is the duty of the employer to provide the proper tools to the workers, just that I was not sure whether the foldable bikes were "right tools". After watching the TV programme, I became convinced that it was. But as someone pointed out, the issue now is the procurement procedure itself: you can purchase the right equipment but with lots of hanky panky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBTM
    I change my views after watching the news on the expensive bikes. I now pity those NDPark officer liao. You see, they have to ride under hot sun or might get caught in the rain for their jobs while most of us, sitting inside office, wear sweater and complain this and that. They also need to fold the bike, carry them up the over head bridge etc. and the bike, if not light, will be taxing on them. Imagine they carry a FULL mountain bike, esp for those petite size woman. Furthermore, they need to wear helmet all the time, which quite uncomfortable in my view even for protection. They still have to look out for their bike when they checking on the tree and mostly they will be alone. 2.2k is a lot of $ but hey, we buy camera, lens etc. also more than that in a wink of eye (my start up is ard 7k) and I dont earn or gain anything from it except photos, tireness etc... So, even now CPIB get involved, I think they need to cover up liao due to us. (me included) Btw, my mountain bike after some mod, also ard 1k and I now let it to sleep, hardly use after some time. Oh, I dont work in NDPark hor, heh heh!
    Folding a foldable bike will not make it lighter. The weight stay the same. They should have get a lighter bike instead.

    The main idea of having a foldable bike is for easy storage and access to faster transport like bus, train and taxi. This is the main thing that I can't fathom why they need such bike in the first place.
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    Default Re: Heard of a $2.2k foldable bicycle?

    I always tot those civil servants or those in Stat Boards are a pretty kiasu and kiasi lot. They are always very careful especially in such tender and procurement and dealings with contractors and sub-contractors.

    Normally, a civil servant would not want to have any small benefit or gift from any contractor as it is simply not worth it to have it as the contractor might one day black-mail you.

    I tot the tender period is 2 weeks. And then, there should be at least 3 tenderers or quotations. Somehow or otherwise, at least look for 2 tenderers.
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