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    Hi guys plan to take some product shots indoors. Lighting is bad in the office. Plan to take pictures of clothes on a mannequin. Any places you guys know where I can get good lamps to assist?

    Budget probably around $100.

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    can just buy a continuous light kit from one of our mass sellers,

    if really on budget type, can just get a couple of 4' florescent tube plus housing, hang vertically it on step ladder as light stand
    plus some large pieces of Styrofoam board as reflectors, large piece as in 4 feet by 6 feet.

    nobody will know how is your lighting set up like when you do it correctly.
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    You can also consider those LED lights, traditionally used for video but I have seen many photographers use it for still photography

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    I saw a tutorial where they used high power work lamps for lighting, I think u can buy ffrom ikea or hardware shops

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    Hi guys, thanks for the suggestions. Have settled with the budget fluorescent tubes solution.


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