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Thread: Loctite your camera plate

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    Default Re: Loctite your camera plate

    If you really want to try...use the blue or purple, avoid the green and red!
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    Default Re: Loctite your camera plate

    TS, what if u get a tripod plate that is specifically shaped for your camera?
    That should resist twisting much better...

    Side note: the purple Loctite is fairly easy to remove with slightly more torque than usual. It doesn't seem to bond too well with stainless steel, hence limited effect.
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    Default Re: Loctite your camera plate

    I use a custom plate for my D300 (without battery grip), and only time take it out is sending camera for servicing, it won't rotate since it is fit nicely and I don't have re-tighten it from time to time,

    I also use a custom L-bracket for my D700 (with battery grip), it is not cheap, but you won't want to use any other things or take it out after you have try it.
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    Thanks for the good advice guys. Yes in fact i am waiting for my custom kirk plate to arrive. I admit i myself have not heard of camera plates coming loose when using black rapid but i guess i was a bit paranoid moving forward i will just have to be more vigilant on the plate itself and i will save my loctite blue for my other more permanent application

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    How about tightening the plates after and before every shoot you do or any chance you have during? Costs you nothing except for a few seconds.
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