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    iTunes users in Singapore may soon have access to songs, movies and television shows only available in the US iTunes store.
    A report in The Straits Times highlighted certain changes by iTunes software that pointed towards the possibility of having a full local iTunes store.
    Local users can buy only apps for their Apple devices, but cannot download movies and music through iTunes.
    The report stated that an update to the iTunes software in March featured new Southeast Asian countries under its Parental Preferences option, including Singapore.
    The new setting allows users to restrict content such as movies based on country-specific classifications.
    The Singapore iTunes store also changed its pricing from US dollars to Singapore dollars last week.
    At present, many users here buy foreign-issued iTunes gift cards to make purchases in the iTunes stores of other countries.
    The full iTunes is being made available in more countries. Since 2011, Apple has added more countries, including 12 countries in Europe and 16 countries in Latin America.
    When approached by The Straits Times, an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on this possibility.[/EMAIL"]"][/EMAIL]
    Full iTunes store may come to Singapore soon

    Good news
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    Now live and up, with Imatch too...
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