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    Default Tiger cup photos

    Did anyone else find the Straits Times photo coverage of the Tiger Cup a little, erm, lacking in quality?

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    Hahah. Are you referring to Agu's somersaults...

    I was sitting at the North stands in the first half, when Singapore was attacking the other end, the majority of the cameramen were stationed at Singapore's goal area (maybe they expecting Indons to score a few?), only 2 or 3 were at the Indons goal mouth. They stayed throughout the match at the same place. Guess which end all the goals were scored at?

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    Well I don't blame them cause from where I was sitting, the policemen actually restricted the photographers from moving to get better angles. One was even manhandled when he tried to take a close-up but he ran away with the police hot on his heels. He ran one way and then make a quick dash to the other side of the stadium with his gears........Maaaan thats what I called fit (and persistent)


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