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    Default Boat and Kites

    Sharing another 2 photos of my short trip to WCP...

    I cheated in this pic. I copied the sun from my other pic on the other thread Was too engrossed shooting the other composition and by the time I saw this composition, the sun was almost gone Going back another time to retake this composition.

    Maybe I should have zoomed in on the kites in this pic

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    The first pic feels pretty tight at the left corner.. and the background doesn't really complement the boats with all the chimmey and stuff. Yeah, I was almost duped by the beautiful sun! Hehe.

    2nd picture lacks impact. Both pictures looks a bit under too.

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    Default 1st pic

    1st Pic...Nice attempt to add in the sun. However, if you noticed that your focus is actually on the boat and that the background is somehow out of foucs, you might want to try blurring the sun to blend into the image.

    2nd pic - Nice clouds. Maybe you can try to go into the tree area and use the leaves to create a frame for the kites instead. Another view point.
    As I imagine, the leaves will be in siluohette framing the kites.

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    where is the 1st picture taken?


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