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Thread: A Leaf, A Tree and A Sun

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    Default A Leaf, A Tree and A Sun

    Went to West Coast Pack for a short scroll. Was hoping to see the sunset but unfortunately the clouds came in at the last moment and block the setting sun Bought my camera along and took some snapshots. Here are some photos to share with you. Feel free to comment.

    Found this leaf on a bed of rocks

    Was resting under this tree while waiting for the sunset.

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    A rather dull sunset

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    Nice nice!! Composition-wise, i like the 1st 2.

    Think the contrast of the leaf, with the colour of the soil is really good. And the composition of the tree in the 2nd pic is unique, yet well composed.

    For the 3rd pic...kinda feels too much empty space at the top for me. Has good potential for a very good pic tho.

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    Default Nice

    Nice composition. I especially like the colors in p1.

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    Hi HippingHippo,

    I realy like Pic 1 and 2, as mentioned above, a bit much top space in pic 3.

    But YES Pic 1 and 2
    Time, is an effortless construction :)


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