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Thread: Help on spot metering in FZ20

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    Default Help on spot metering in FZ20

    hi guys...

    just need some help on spot metering. how do you do it? I have set the camera to use spot metering but i have some question. how do i lock the exposure. that say i like to take a reading from the sky so i point to the sky and half depress the shutter button. but then this will result in the camera focusing on that part as well. do u have to meter at where you want to focus? do have i done something wrong?? thanks for your advice

    another question is that for the sharpenss, saturation and noise reduction setting, what do you guys normally set to? thanks!

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    Slide the focus switch to Manual Focus (MF) position.
    Prefocus on the subject by sliding down the focus switch to 'down', and release it. Then, the focus will be locked in MF mode.
    Aim to the point you want to meter and then half-press the shutter button.
    Then, compose the picture as you want and press the shutter button fully.


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