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Thread: Cyclone scrambler

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    Lightbulb Cyclone scrambler

    maiden post in this sub-forum. constructive comments pls.

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    Like it.
    However, as u know, the front part overexposed.
    Would prefer a more unusual angle though. Looks kinda standard shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reachme2003
    maiden post in this sub-forum. constructive comments pls.

    good picture... the idea is there...

    "The toy bike brings back childhood memories while the notion of a motorbike reminds us of the role transportation plays in our life and how it affects our decisions in life.
    The cloudy background gives a sense of mystery to the future that the toy motorbike rider will face in the future... the same that can be said about the future of transportation and the ability for mankind to move towards the unknown through new and exciting means...."

    however as the previous post says.. the light source could be better managed... however.. your image will no doubt evoke strong emotions among people from CS....

    Happy Shooting
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