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Have search but didn't find a thread that provides good advice on this subject. Hope you guys don't mind me asking for feedback and your experiences.

I am currently using the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 for my general purpose lens on by DX camera. I like the 17 mm which gives me enough wide angle but find the 50 mm a little short. I saw Tamron 28-75 mm f2.8 and I am thinking this may be a better option. That extra 25 mm from 50 mm can give me a better zoom.

I notice the 17-50 average around $400 in the pre-owned market whilst the 28-75 mm is only $300€. Am I looking at the right direction or I should consider another lens? Of course I am referring to lenses within this budget range.
28-75mm cannot give FoV as wide as the 17-50mm lens. You have to decide you want the width or the reach. If you need both, may be you can consider 18-105mm but that will result in you losing the speed.