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Thread: When do you critique a photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben1223
    I don't post a critique when:
    1) I like the photo the way it is
    2) Can't think of a way to improve a photo. Better to shut up than say 'your photo is lousy' and not offer any suggestions
    3) Ignorant about the subject matter (like animal shots, product shots, etc)

    I post a reply when:
    1) The photo amazes me
    2) When I can say something constructive.
    My view also

    an old quote :-

    Tis better to keep mouth shut and be thought a fool
    Open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AReality
    Side track a bit...
    Do the pple here only surf in 1 or a few sub forums, or the whole clubsnap forum as a whole? So does it matter where we post? Of coz need to be in the related sub-forum. Just wondering...
    For myself, I don't browse all subforums. Very limited time. Landscape, Macros, Underwater and Nature I visit to admire the photos but not place critique. Know nothing about the fine points.

    Candids, Reportage I post or place comments because it's my interest.

    Newbies I visit. There are tons of useful info here. From techniques to tips about hardware. Post to welcome folks and sometimes help if I can.

    Gatherings, Exhibits and Events for info on what's happenig in the photo world.

    Minolta coz I'm a Minolta user.

    Darkroom, Medium format, seldom to never.

    Buy and Sell. Self explanatory.

    Want a comment from me? Post in Candids.

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