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Thread: Oh, shucks... now i'm stuck. Help needed!

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    Default Oh, shucks... now i'm stuck. Help needed!

    Hi guys!

    I would really appreciate any help at this point. I have a FZ20 and just purchased a suntax 328DTZ. It seems to come wihtout a manual for the flash so I am really confused as to how to use it. Yup, you guessed it, I am one heck of a sotong newbie!

    Hope you can help with these questions:

    1. What is the sync cable for and how do i jack it into the FZ20?
    2. How do I force the flash to turn off should i want to?
    3. Any idea where i can learn about external flashes and what all those meters (digits) mean?

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    Jim Davis would tell u dunno nevermind... haaa... not every one noes how to play with the flash... Just leave it in auto mode lahz...

    See the switch in front under the centre flash...

    When the colour is red = f2.8, Blue = f5.6, No colour centre = Manual..==> adjust the slides behind...

    Actually i dunno how to use the external flash... every time got overexpose...
    My Suntax 328DTZ still in hospital... so piss... tell me okie, can collect, then i got i see the flash okie... can flash, but become shaky... waste my time to go there... Haiz... still flashless...


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    Opps... i forgot to answer the first and second question

    1) erm, dun bother with the jack and wire no use (unless u wan to use it as a slave or something like tat), juz pluck the flash into the hotshoe can liao...

    2) Eeeerrrr, Switch off the in the on/off switch on the flash, or do through the camera, press the button for flash (i think is > ) util u see the flash icon being crossed out... Hope i am ritez...



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