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Thread: geraldine - bikini shoot

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    Default geraldine - bikini shoot- this friday

    Hi all,

    Geradline will be doing her second bikini shoot this friday( holiday )
    12- 4 pm

    fees is $60.00 per photographer
    Geradine will also be transfer to An international model agency in which her rate will be higher next time.
    A make up artist and stylist will be provided to assist you with the posing.

    PM me if you keen. thanks

    5 person:

    thanks for support.
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    can i shoot her for 1 hour myself? and pay $80?[

    QUOTE=modelguru]Hi all,
    Who is keen to shoot geraldine next weekend. You can gather a few friends and shoot her outdoor.
    her fees is $300.00 for 4 hours.
    PM me if you keen. thanks[/QUOTE]


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