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Thread: Where to buy bottle corks?

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    Default Where to buy bottle corks?

    Those that fit wine bottles. Anyone knows? Thanks!

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    if it is to keep unfinished wine or champagne, wine supplies shop should carry them. cold storage has something which i remembered. i assume that you do not need large qty of cork stopper. there is a shop which supplies glass bottles along upper cross st, opp Chinatown point. i do not know if they are still there.

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    Thanks. Actually I do need more than a few. Will check out the place.

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    Hey streetshooter, just saw this. ArtFriend's craft section should have. Call first to check.

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    Appreciate the tip.

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    Default and champaign cannot keep la. To appreciate the wine, its best to finish the bottle asap. (Max can keep 1 day.) But maybe you wanna recycle the wine bottle?

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    I'm making my own Chinese rice wine.


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