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    Default Uploading photos to the gallery...

    Hi all, I would like to upload photos I have taken into the gallery,
    but I am using a SLR camera, so I think I have to scan the photo with a scanner.

    But the gallery only accept photo size of 100k per photo.

    Can anyone advice me on how to scan my photo till 100k so that I can upload it (without compromising too much quality of the photo)?

    Thank you.

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    resize the pic, lower the jpg compression when saving. alternative, search for a bigger webhost to upload ur pic.

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    Use photoshop's 'save to web' function. Resize the image to about 640x480 & quality 60~80 (depending on the image, the window will show the estimated file size on the fly when you change the value) it should still be acceptable yet maintain less than 100kb.

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    Great! Thank you all!


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