Hi, I own a Voigtländer 55mm 1.4 Color Ultron with a QBM mount. Though I have an adapter already, it has the problem of 1, refuse to let me focus into infinity until F11, and 2, lack of focusing chip. While strolling around the internet, I came across a post on a random forum regarding a QBM to EOS conversion kit with confirmation chip. It requires the removal of the original mount and replacing it with a EOS mount with confirmation chip (the process seems simple enough to be done by anyone as it only requires the removal and reattachment of 3 screws).

However, the post is more than 2 years old and the poster did not disclose contact info to the shop in his post. He only said to pm him if someone is interested.

Anyone knows anywhere I can get such a conversion kit?

Thanks in advance!