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what the poster has said is that one can be infected with parasites from the consumption of vegetables which in this case just happened to be fasciolopsis buski, a genus of tematodes also known as fluke found on ipomoea aquatica, and nothing more. a point in which you have also jolly well admitted yourself.

please do not defame the poster by adding words into his mouth and twisting his statement. me thinks you should take more modules in elementary english comprehension.
Wow! Took all the trouble necessary to create a new account here in ClubSNAP just so as to point this out in my defence? You must be very enthusiastic towards me or WuffRuff, should we feel honoured either way?

Just saying the next time somebody or someone dig into his plate of spicy sambal kangkong, better check carefully. Especially those with subject-matter expertise in the field of parasitology.