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Thread: Built in Flash with D800

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    Hi, @ Eugene

    I really can't help you as much. Cause my 24-70mm also the same result as your..

    If you really wanna to be getting more improved of photograph you might to get a external flash.

    If you got any wedding even you have can't escape of using flash for whole day long.

    The built-in pop up flash is only suitable for using prime lens such as 35, 40, 50mm or 18-55mm kit lens.

    Thanks, hope you can get what I mean
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    Quote Originally Posted by eugeng View Post
    Oh what I meant is, if I use SB400, do you think it will cancel out the len shadow issue??

    Usually I dun flash, but when the situation calls for it, I need to take care of this stupid lens shadow issue when I flash it using built in flash. if possible I try not to carry a big flash..too heavy, especially during travel...
    Yes it will.

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    worst come to worst, take a step backward and shoot with your built-in flash and crop out the offending lens shadow from your final composition.

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