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Thread: Recommended laptop?

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    Default Recommended laptop?

    Been scouting around for the last few years to replace my *gasp* Celeron laptop.......

    I'm currently engaged regularly to do corporate photoshoots and am now looking to pair it with a laptop to be able to review the shots better instead of depending on the camera screen.

    Most likely using Photoshop Elements on the laptop. It should also be able to handle Canon's DPP program.

    May or may not be getting it at the PC Show cos I have friends who can get me distributor price as well.
    But what do you guys recommend?
    I'm more familiar with Windows so Macs are probably not on my consideration.

    Do you think this is enough?
    - entry i7 processor
    - 4GB (or 8GB) RAM
    - 1GB graphic card
    - 1TB HDD
    - 14" (minimum) screen

    Hoping you guys can give me recommendations on what you are using and how well it works.

    (tried searching the forum but didn't seem to come up with much results...)

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    Default Re: Recommended laptop?

    personally i used macbook pro for editing/viewing on site...but at home i used a custom made desktop...(assembled myself)...

    but i have a friend who uses Dell Studio XPS 16 which he is always telling us that it works well for him, excedeed his expectations...
    maybe u want to check it out yourself....

    just my 3 cents....

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    Thanks. I'm also using a custom PC at home for editing and it's more than up to the task. Good to hear the recommendation from your friend.

    Wondering if the i5 is good enough. After reading the papers today, seems that 4GB is the norm and hdd of about 500 - 750.

    I'm actually considering either an asus or fujitsu. Anyone with experience with either for photography?

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    Im using i5..2.4ghz..4gb ram..500gb hdd..14"..both for internet & photo not fussy about speed..mine's Acer it from a fren at a reseller price..

    Using photoshop element & canon software..

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    Default Re: Recommended laptop?

    I am using a MacPro 15 inch and and iMac 27. No problem and works seamlessly.
    5D2 / 5D3 / 16-35 2.8L II USM / 24-70 2.8L / 100 2.8L IS Macro/ 70-200 2.8L IS

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    Default Re: Recommended laptop?

    If you go windows, I suggest Asus - they tend to have better screens that are easier to calibrate.

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    Default Re: Recommended laptop?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    If you go windows, I suggest Asus - they tend to have better screens that are easier to calibrate.
    Thanks chris0804 for the recommendation and also to Rashkae. Yeah, I was leaning toward either an Asus or Fujitsu - the latter being a bit more "stylish" and lightweight although I know that Asus laptops nowadays also not bad.

    My friend who works in the IT industry refers to Asus as the "lapsap" brand... so she's quite negative about the choice :P


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