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Thread: Closure and removal of Newbie Chit Chat and Sentosa Outings threads

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    Default Closure and removal of Newbie Chit Chat and Sentosa Outings threads

    Hi all,

    We have partly determined that the cause of the recent slowdowns and disruptions in ClubSNAP may be caused by these two threads - Newbie Chit Chat and Sentosa Outing. We have been advised by the software developers that threads with more than 2000 posts be split to optimise performance and this thread (with more than 36K replies and 245K views for Sentosa Outing and more than 26K replies and 178K views for Newbie Chit Chat) has long surpassed the acceptable thresholds.

    As a result, we have no choice but to close the threads and monitor ClubSNAP performance over the next week or so.

    Also, to facilitate monitoring, we will be removing the threads to another location (viewing of the threads also contribute to the slowdown).

    We seek members cooperation in this matter and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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    Thank you Darren for the patience you'd shown for the longest two threads in CS. I would also like to represent the folks from the Newbie Chit Chat to apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused by our ceaseless chit chating.

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    good idea darren. i'd also suggest regular pruning of *all* threads in CS so that only the newest 2000 posts (or whatever is the recommended maximum by the software developers) is displayed. the older posts can all be deleted.

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    Thanks for taking the trouble to make CS a wonderful website to visit...

    Upz for you...

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    Dun worry Darren, although we'r sad the thread is closed. But I'm sure everyone understand the rational and certainly will like the forum to be operating more efficiently.

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    Now we know what is causing the recent slowdowns and disruptions.

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    perhaps the mods should do a thread split once any thread has gone past 10 pages?

    (alternatively close the thread and inform participants to start new thread part 2 in continuation)


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