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Thread: Advise Needed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gauntlet71 View Post
    You might also want to consider a Nikon 35mm f1.8 AF-S DX. It's small and light and I keep it on my D7000 all the time.

    For your cropped DX sensor like mine it equates to roughly a 50mm normal/standard lens. As others said just use your feet to zoom in and out.
    Agree, 35 would be my pick .... 50 might feel a bit tight

    In any case, the 18-55 kit lens is actually pretty suitable already for your requirements

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    Consider sigma 30mm f1.4 grey set at ddelectronics seems cheaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrogmanTan View Post
    To the experience and expert,

    hi,....I own a Nikon D3100...the basic camera for a starter like me...
    I wanted to buy a lens that fullfill mt criteria below...
    1. Not so heavy
    2. able to shoot people or any subject with blur background which i do not need to zoom in
    3. I dont need really wide angle, normal will do
    4. I dont shoot sinery a lot, more of shoot I have 1 lens for all...
    5. I have a len that able to zoom rather far, this give me a blur background but when i shoot near, i dont get it..
    You answer is Nikon 50mm F1.8G

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    I second the 35mm DX f1.8. 50mm might be a bit tight indoors
    Nikon D90

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