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Thread: Eric Moo in trouble

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    Sorry, don't know him. I only know Wee Meng Chee AKA Namewee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleFai View Post
    First and foremost, I am surprised that he is part of what he was "doing" throughout the concert. Met him before about 15 years ago, he was like a ah beng then.... I assure you he is not proud of the colour of his teeth for sure.

    I thought of going for this concert to see the new lady 阎奕格, as I am quite impressed by her powerful voice, and also to catch up with some of the oldies by 巫启贤. Luckily last minute change of plan, else I will also be fuming......No offence to those who are same as him, but I am one who hate people doing that. I guess the ticket holders have every rights to ask for a refund, and the other 2 artiste should seek the compensation from Eric Moo himself.....

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    it's all in Chinese!

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    he already say mah.. " walk into his world."

    the people buy tickets never OPEN thier eyes... blindly buy... or must tell them to "OPEN OR CLOSE" next time... sounds like ... :P
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    Zen Moo I know. Eric Moo I don't.


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