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Thread: Hornbill Festival, Dec 2013, Nagaland and Mizoram - early notice.

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    Default Hornbill Festival, Dec 2013, Nagaland and Mizoram - early notice.

    Happen to have a new colleague from Nagaland who is friendly and enthusiastic, and who didn't mind bringing me around when he's back next year. Currently permit into the region is tighter due to political disagreements, but should subside later.

    Hornbill festival takes place every december over a week, but accomodation can be tight as far as half a year before, hence i will only be doing any concrete planning by early next year and to tie down commitment only by mid next year. It is a long time later, but can't help but feeling a little excited about it after a long hiatus.

    Interested personnels can drop a post here or email me at Well, i can't and won't be able to give much further details, as I haven't really read into the region. flight is into delhi and then direct to dimapur on the edge of nagaland. trip should take about 2 weeks over the three weekends. mizoram had their unique culture, but location/transport wise, 2 weeks might be tight to cover both areas, and thus mizoram might be optional/likely discarded. no inhibitions abt photography, ppl there do speak english, majority are christians.

    wouldn't be difficult to see this is a great chance for portraits, but generally i hope to cover a general genre in my trips spanning portraits/events/scenaries/whatever that comes. i dun think it will cost an arm or leg, save for flight. no issues with any gender or age, though girls can see for themselves if they are ok to travel on their own or to look for female companions. 3-4 is gd to go, 2 is fine, but anyway won't be asking for commitment since it is so damn long later.

    might not be checking this thread that often. but just sharing a little overtly premature joy. and if u do ever plan it for yourself end of this year, or had done a trip to nagaland before, feel free to post your experience here if you want.

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    Default Re: Hornbill Festival, Dec 2013, Nagaland and Mizoram - early notice.

    I've been to Nagaland. The Hornbill festival is indeed a great event that showcase the tribes of Nagaland. It's happens in the 1st week of December. Please get ready some warm clothings as the temperature dips to below 10 in the nights. In the daytime, it should be fine. The fastest way is to fly to Calcutta and then an internal flight to Dimapur. Then it's a 2hours of winding roads to Kohima, the capital. Besides the Hornbill Festival, they have a War Memorial which is a good place to visit. There are also other towns and can take up to more than 6 hours to travel.
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