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Thread: Unable to burn full file names in Nero ver5.5.0.4?

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    Default Unable to burn full file names in Nero ver5.5.0.4?


    I am using Nero5 to burn my files and find that when I drag over my files from the computer to the CD window to burn, the file names get shortened.

    When I try to rename the filename, I find that I cannot input a name longer than 8 characters.

    Can anyway tell me what I can do to retain my full original file names? Thanks!

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    Go in to File Options in the New Compliation section of Nero and enable ISO Level 2 File Directory Names and alos ISO 9660 Character set and Joliet (secondary volume descriptor) and Relax ISO restrictions to allow more pathdepth and more than 255 characters.

    That should do the trick.
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