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Thread: Lumix FX2 or FX7 or Ixus 40 ??

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    Default Lumix FX2 or FX7 or Ixus 40 ??

    Hi all....newbie here....going to buy my 1st compact digi cam and am considering these 3 models : Lumix FX2, FX7 and Ixus 40.

    Price and battery life is not a concern to me, only 2 things the
    camera MUST be able to produce :
    1) Brilliant color images
    2) Sharp images

    Recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks !

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    Default Lumix


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    i agree with Jack Chen...

    my friend bought FX-7...

    good good man..

    compact, big screen, OIS, etc....


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    My friend got a FX 7, I think its quite good, especially with stabilizer. However, ISO400 is very noisy, visible on 4R print. Not sure about the other 2 models..

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    consider wat u expecting for the 2 points, get fx2 if dun need video recording wif audio, or fx7 if u need the audio. OIS is really very useful for the ultra compact cam due to the handshake prob.

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    fx7's screen resolution is far too poor. it has the same 114000 pixels as other 1.5"/1.8" screens. i would rather go for the other 2 cams that u mentioned, if those are the only shortlisted ones in your mind.

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    Hi guys....thanks for all your recommendations.....I'm very tempted to buy
    the IXUS 40 but Canon's digi cam is infamous for softer pics which I dun like....i love pin-sharp images....

    Can someone prove me wrong by posting sharp and vivid color pics taken by
    IXUS 40 ?

    P/S, I've visited Pbase and looked at some pics taken by IXUS 40, color
    is only so-so and most of the pics very soft leh......or maybe something
    is wrong with my laptop screen

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    Sorry to highjack but a quick question does FX7 have manual setting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by singscott
    Sorry to highjack but a quick question does FX7 have manual setting?

    Nope....FX7 is a "sa qua" camera...

    Jol, ever consider Mju Digital 500 as well ?
    Not sure about the color quality but shouldnt be too bad
    but Olympus digital camera is infamous for sharp images

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    Quote Originally Posted by singscott
    Sorry to highjack but a quick question does FX7 have manual setting?
    fx7 does have manual settings, but it's slowest shutter speed is only 1 second. it's a stylish looking cam, but nothing really fantastic about its quality.

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    not sure if this is a little off topic ... but a little advice from a newbie to a newbie =X haha .. i just started off last dec ... bought a used (but in very good condition) Lumix FZ-1, although its only 2.1 mega pixels ... it has OIS and 12x optical zoom, 3x digi zoom =) ... it has the renowned leica lens =) and produces pretty good images, quite sharp too (IMHO), P/A/S settings, 1/2000 - 8 sec shutter speed ... imho its the perfect learner's camera ... except it can't focus well in dark conditions ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo_L
    Price and battery life is not a concern to me...
    Get both the Lumix FX7 and the IXUS 40 lor since price is not a concern.

    Anyway, I'm using both of them and the IXUS 40 produces softer pictures and colors are not as punchy when compared to the Lumix FX7. Otherwise, I think the IXUS 40 has better user interface as well as more egronomically designed.


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    casio s100 .. girls magnet ...... 3.2Mpixel...
    not bad..

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    Based on my first impression of FX7 was there cos a friend was considering that or the Pentax.

    Colors - wonderful
    Sharpness and clarity at least on the LCD - wonderful
    Manual setting - its there
    Good control of point of focus.
    Auto white balance is good - in floursence lighting - a shot of my friend's other friend with a new to me camera got him so excited he was sing praise of the FX7 over the Pentax.

    down side - it has a menu system that may not be quite to easy to work but its not imppossible - only need about ten minutes to figure out where the various controls where.

    I have not used the cannon but have not heard anything that sounds like priase for the Ixus range.

    If possible bring your own memory card shoot some test picture get them printed out say 6R for evaluation on sharpness, and to a less degree colors.

    if I had the budget I'd get the Fx7 as a walk around camera to be always on me.

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    actually, depends whether Jo_L wants a fully manual camera or not. if she just wants a stylo camera, fx7 should do the job. it's 5mp somemore. however, like what ellery says, it's always good to try out the camera on the spot to test its quality and user-friendliness. also check out extensive reviews of the cameras are all down there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benny
    Get both the Lumix FX7 and the IXUS 40 lor since price is not a concern.
    But my budget is only for 1 camera 2 cameras for what ?!

    Anyway, thanks for your advices. Its good to hear from someone
    who has used the 2 cameras before and is able to tell the diff.

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    Be careful of the lumix series. In some conditions, it would be tack sharp, but darker and night scenes hmm. Let's just say you will likely get RED EYE on your subjects, and less than perfect night scenes. I have 2 lumix. FX7 gives u red eye as well and very basic.
    I prefer sony, canon, olympus or pentax digicams (owned them few each before too, good cams esp canon).

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    I have more or less confirmed getting the FX7 but yet to test it out. I just
    want a light, compact camera which I can easily slip into my handbag and
    carry it with me everyday.

    With or without manual control doesnt matter cos my family already has a
    Canon S50 which has got manual control features, but too bad, its a bit
    chunky and heavy to carry around.

    So now going to source for places selling the cheapest FX7. Any recommendations ? Especially from those who have just got their FX7,
    where and what's the good deal ?

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    Just remember to get a spare battery and you're on your way!

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    alan photo selling the camera at $630 before gst.
    not sure about other Shops.

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