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Thread: "Uniquely Orchard" SUPER-PANOROMIC Project: Need to rent activity room urgently!

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    Default "Uniquely Orchard" SUPER-PANOROMIC Project: Need to rent activity room urgently!

    Hi all,

    Anyone knows of any places (preferably in the city) where i can rent meeting rooms or activity rooms in the evening? It shld ideally have a min capacity of about 15.

    Would welcome any offers from kind souls (like studio / gallery owners... with spare activity space) who can let us use their premises for free as a show of support to the "Uniquely Orchard" SUPER-PANOROMIC Project!

    Thanks in advance!

    <<Zone Management>> Sub-Committee
    Uniquely Orchard Committee

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    how about Space217 ?

    located at Selegie Road.

    Email me in private to discuss if you're interested


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    Oh Yeah, if there's anyone out there who can provide meeting/activity rooms for free, you are most welcomed.
    Our committee is currently running on self-sponsored funds.

    Still need to fork out money to sponsor the official trial shoots films & scanning....

    Info Management Sub-Committee
    Uniquely Orchard Committee

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    Anyone knows if there's any community centres, libraries, etc near city area of Singapore
    that will provide meeting/activity rooms for low cost (or for free)
    Currently we need a room with capacity of at least 15pple for our weekly discussions.

    Really need help urgently! Our next meeting is on next wednesday.
    Our usual meetup place (Funan Foodcourt) is getting too noisy for proper discussions.

    Info Management Group
    Uniquely Orchard Committee

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    Try suntec convention. they have rooms there. did you guys try to do get sponsorship from the Tourism Board or companies?

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    mmhh... Suntec Convention? sounds like an expensive place.. hehehe
    Any idea how much it might cost?

    We are still in the progress of getting the sponsorship/endorsement.
    While waiting for confirmation of those, we need to get other details straightened
    out, esp. the technical issues, event procedures. So, we need meeting rooms
    for proper discussions.

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    Can also try calling the public relations of Singapore Tourism Board. They may be able to let you use their gallery or meeting rooms for free since your project fits quite neatly into their "Uniquely Singapore" slogan. The building's at Grange Road near Tanglin Mall.

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    Thanks! I think their gallery meeting tables have a seating capacity of abt 6pple each.
    Maybe can contact them abt the rooms though. We are still in the midst of communicating with STB about our project. No confirmation yet.

    To yellow_kiwi: Get Alvin to ask abt the meeting rooms for you on his next email to them.

    Info Management Group
    Uniquely Orchard

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    Default Got ur msg

    Okie,will check with STB whether we can use their premises.

    Thanks Jackie and Mr KIWI


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    Uniquely Orchand

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    Hi all, thanks for all replies. We are still sourcing for possibilities. Please keep the suggestions coming!

    Thanks and regards,
    Zone Management Group
    Uniquely Orchard Committee


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