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Thread: Frustrations

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    Focus on shooting the kids growing up first? The sun will always be there, today's sun and sun 30 years later should be the same. Can go sun chasing when retired, or the kids all run out of home already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crysmeth View Post
    No la. Its OK. Afterall I only got into photography when my second daughter was 1 year old.

    If I had a choice now I'll still choose the same one. Wah lao. 3 kids liao leh.

    Anyway not turning this into some marriage counselling thing but I'm more frustrated by the lack of ways to learn collectively during office hours. I guess that's what made me push this post.

    Its like every course , walkabout, etc is either during evenings or weekends. I know the response might be bad if it's during office hour. But just wondering la who will , hence this post.

    Anyway feedback has been great.

    Bro, I have 4 kids & latest one just delivered 3 days ago! I also have to shuttle between offices in 2 countries while photography is one of my hobbies which leaves little time left & unable to edit most shoots.

    I do mostly studio+outdoor fashion+glamour during office hours as weekends are family days. If you like we can share
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    Sunrise, Sunset is a hit or miss thing. Occasionally you get a good Sunrise / Sunset and that you happen to have your gears with you, you have the chance to take it. If you plan a date to bring your gears to do the shoot, you have to be extremely lucky to have the perfect moment where the cloud & the haze stays away. Most of the time, the environment just don't cooperate.

    As to improving skills, you can try books from library, then practice on your own free time if you cannot join the groups.
    The other good place is youtube. There are plenty of things you can learn from youtube videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleveninth View Post
    macro don't suit you. go down take photos of the local cats, can bring your younger kids see meow meow also.
    playing with pussy cats? hmm. dont get scratched ok?

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    Guys, just uploaded for the first time here my pictures.

    Looking forward to your comments.


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