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Thread: MO for ZD 50-200 lens USD 799

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    Default MO for ZD 50-200 lens USD 799

    Hi there,

    Let me know if you are interested in getting the zuico digital 50-200mm lens from US. Just came to know about this shop selling from friends.

    Shop is reputated and reliable.
    contact me or chii for further details. The more we order the better price we get on shipping etc etc.

    list of people interested in the MO

    1) Bariq
    2) Chii


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    did this mass order go through? Thinking of getting this lens any good lobang now? my brother's wife is coming back from US so many can get her to bring in one for me from US

    just got the sigma 55-200 second hand for $220. The images are ok but the focusing is rather slow and dim. But for $220 I guess it is ok. now itchy, thinking of getting the 50-200

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    Default Re: MO for ZD 50-200 lens USD 799

    dig up an old thread...

    just wanted to know did the MO get thru?

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    Default Re: MO for ZD 50-200 lens USD 799


    It did not go through


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