Suggest you continue to use your P72 until you are ready to take the plunge. All cameras takes great pictures and you can learn with any camera. A camera is a camera. The "advance" tools will only comes into play when you outlive the one that you are using.
I find it difficult to ask people to go back into film with the current advancement of digital cameras.
You can also consider a slightly more advance consumer camera that gives some kind of control or manual mode and you can learn tons from there. Not necessary to get a SLR or DSLR if your budgets does not permit.
Remember when you buy a SLR or DSLR you are not just buying the camera, you are buying a system.

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Well, just to share with all. I am currently using a digital camera -- Sony DSP-P72, simple digital camera to take normal shots.

My interest in photography has been around for sometime, but it is because of $$$ issue that stop me. I had play around with the Sony camera for sometime, but this camera has it's limitation. Setting is quite fix.

One thing for sure is that I cannot afford a DSLR. My take home pay is only about $1.1K, getting married soon, meaning more $$$ will be flowing out.

I hope to learn my about photography is because of interest and also in hope that I can be a freelance photographer to earn for a living too.

But as for now, I can only afford the budget of around $600+ for everything.
(Body, lens, cleaning kit, and hopefully a decent tripod). But I guess it is quite difficult.

That is why I need advice from pros like you guys.