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    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

    Equipment Type: Rangefinder
    Equipment Brand: Leica
    Equipment Model: M3
    Price (S$): $1400 Grey Skin
    Putting my my well used user condition Leca M3 for sale.

    This shooting tool has travelled round Asia with me & has been my main shooting tool.

    The Leica M3 comes with grey skin. It is previously a DS that has been converted to single stroke by the previous owner.

    This particular M3 has been modified to focus down to 0.7m

    I've repainted the engravings to white as well.

    Note: There is a slight stain on the VF patch but I feel it does not effect focusing for me.

    Note some scuffs here:

    I'll rate it a modest 7, pure shooters tool, not for collectors.
    mechanically perfect.

    Real Name: Gary
    Contact Number: +65 9450 1122

    Condition of Item: 7
    Warranty Status: No warranty, test till you shoik

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    Review & sample pictures done by me here:
    RFSG Gear Reviews: Leica M3, The Holy Grail Of Leica M


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