Hi all.....
To all of you who are keen in outdoor photography........
Duration : 8 weeks, 2 hours per session
Course Fee : S$160 (member), S$260 (non-member)
Language : English
Pre-requisite : Basic course
Instructors : Michael Heng

Nature Photography
1.Introduction to Nature Photography Course
What is nature>
Code of practice
Equipment and accessories
Nature in Singapore and abroad
Getting prepared

2.Photographing nature and wildlife
Lighting condition

3. Outdoor shoot with instructor

4.Demonstrating on taking micro specimen
Camouflaging and the waiting game

5. Outdoor shoot with instructor

6. Review of images from outings

7. Outdoor shoot with instructor

8. Briefing on exam format
Joining competitions

Interested...do drop kellyn/diane an e-mail at pss1950@singnet.com.sg