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    Quote Originally Posted by ninelives View Post

    recently i was buying hao jian, then this guy behind me ordered :

    hao jian (Oyster Omelette) but dont want hao( oyster) ...

    qi cin some people...
    so in the end he got scrambled eggs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9V-Orion Images View Post
    Well, fortunately for humanity in the real-world. There are people more levelheaded than that, ordinary people like Stanislav Petrov and Vasili Arkhipov who carried the weight of the world on their shoulders at one time or another.
    Wow.. I hope these kind of people still exist nowadays.. in Sg even..

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    More established nuclear powers have cooler heads in charge. If or when North Korea and Iran have nuclear weapons, their people in charge of the launch control may be hot-headed and anxious to score points with their superiors. They don't want to be perceived as a weakling and one who is afraid to fire the missile.
    Also to some extent, India and Pakistan have the same problem.

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