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Thread: Thinking of 17-40mm F4L...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholas1986
    those L lenses (telephoto) are all having metal barrel but what about those wider angle lenses such as the 17-40 and the 24-70L
    Metal barrel? tot those are magnisium alloy?...

    well, the extending part of the 24-70 iz plastic lar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2100
    I checked out the official 1Ds MkII samples taken with the 17-40, it is pretty soft at the corners even stopped down. "16MP becomes 6MP" if you want to do quality prints and include the corners.
    Its also pretty rare(at least for me) to compose anything onto the very edges of the frame, except in landscape shots perhaps when the whole scene matters. Maybe some of you guys out there truly use it right up to the corner but I don't, so I don't fuss about edge sharpness so much.

    Have lens optics in general gotten to such a high level of quality that it becomes necessary to look right at the edges in order to be the discerning lens connoiseur?

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    of course you don't really need edge sharpness on every lens,

    but that's what L lenses are made for - edge sharpness, and overall sharpness at largest aperture. it's these sharpness issues that the consumer is paying the premium for... of course on a FF 16mp dslr all the defiencies show - but unless you're printing a huge banner, then it shouldn't be a huge problem..

    so you have both sides of the story...

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    Aiyah guys, of course your arguments are correct. Not trying to dissect things and compare sensor sizes, just trying to report my findings so relax.....i don't play this kind of stuff.

    Lens connoisseurship, not me lar i don't do AF-S or what for my apps (actually for my style I do crop very tightly so i do need sharpness there if you wanna know ). With the advent of 1Ds Mark II, this gets critical....else why would they come out with 16MP anyway. Lens connoisseurship is not totally bad right if you really need it correct?

    Quote Originally Posted by RossChang
    Tell me one wide angle zoom tat can produce sharp corner to corner on a full frame sensor...
    hehe....of course you are right if you put it this way. You were originally saying that it's a superb WA zoom on FF, i was wondering in what way is it really superb/superior compared to others. You can take the samples and convert it back to "standard" 6MP if you need to be 16MP.

    Incidentally, I have seen really good stuff from the tokina 12-24 f4 wide open on a 1.5x body.

    Just trying to explain, apologies for being OT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CYRN
    With 1DsMkII... I doubt lieca or any other lens would give a "perfect" result.
    The samples using primes look good though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2100
    The samples using primes look good though.
    OK, I've to take your word for it ...

    Cuz I've yet to see comparision of such myself...

    Regardless... I'd take the 1DsMkII and any "L" lens anytime someone gives it to me...
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