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Thread: fully manual cam

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    The FM2N wouldn't survive a Tsunami.

    The F2, F2As, F2AS would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammy888
    The F2 is not a good choice for beginners, for one is a Professional camera like the later F3, F4, F5 and now F6. The F2 like the F1 are more like collector's items. You hardly hear of anyone using them full time except those who are collectors. Parts are hard to come by, reliability is fine to some extend but it can cause you alot more $$$$ to buy, maintenance,use and get some upgrades of parts. Enhancement accesories are not cheap and hard to find as this camera is already out of production a pretty long time. (1971) It is also very intimidating to use and learn. Also you can't use the F2 version without a external light meter as it DOES NOT HAVE ONE BUILT-IN. It is only the "F2 Photomic" that has metering function (DP-1 Finder). Built in TTL and full aperture exposure metering.
    Wah! the F2 a collectors item?...not yet, or only the mint ones. Also on eBay one can easily find ALL kinds of accessories made for this camera as the production numbers were so high it is easy to find even now. I don't agree that no one uses this camera anymore, I use it still for the past 22 years as it is my only camera next to my FE (though my F90x is still unused after I bought it used two years ago), I don't need anything else for my kind of work, just a meter and 100% viewing (important for composition).........many people over the world still use this solid camera, feel one and you understand why.

    I don't wish to be pushed into the antique corner! :-)

    I don't know what is so intimidating on this camera? It is just a mirrorbox with a shutter and a dial on top of it. For me AF cameras are intimidating, I mean after not using my F90x I forgot how to rewind the film before reaching its end. I spent 20 min to find it out! If you ask me now again I wil ned to take another 20 min :-). With these new electro cameras one need to bring the manual with you if you need to use certain actions sporadically.

    There were 6 versions of the F2 (metering) heads, the body remains the same, although there were very very minor differences between the bodies as time went by:

    F2 eyelevel (no metering)
    F2 Photomic (CdS cells, needle, non-Ai system)
    F2 S (CdS cells but with LED's, non-Ai system)
    F2 SB (Selenium cells, LED's, non Ai system)
    F2 A (CdS cells, needle, Ai lens system)
    F2 AS (Selenium cells, LED's, Ai lens system)

    The malaysian site contains one of the best info.

    Hong Sien
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