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Thread: A S$3.5m camera

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    From The Sunday Times:

    A Leica camera prototype made in 1923 fetched 2.16 million euros (S$3.5 million) at auction on Saturday, setting a new world record for a camera.

    The camera, an exemplar of the pre-production Leica 0-Series, had been expected to go for between 600,000 and 800,000 euros and bidding started at 300,000 euros at the Galerie Westlicht in Vienna.

    The hammer fell at 1.8 million euros, and the final price with tax was 2.16 million euros. The buyer chose to remain anonymous.

    Only 25 pre-production O-Series were made to test the market for 35mm cameras before full production began in 1925, and just 12 are known still to exist.

    Leica camera sets record auction price

    1923 Leica camera fetches $3.5 million at auction

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    Secret buyer most likely to be Leica company. Clever use of marketing hype. Create a Leica aura.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricohflex View Post
    Secret buyer most likely to be Leica company. Clever use of marketing hype. Create a Leica aura.
    Not really. There are many collectors out there.

    This camera may be his last missing collection of Leica cameras to complete a fill set.

    If someone open a Leica camera museum that display Leica camera from the oldest to the newest. He may be the buyer.
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    Yes..for that buy a camera..Yes its really alot of money. Gosh...
    But those involved. This kind of money probably is nothing or barely anything to them. Its just 3.5m..

    We can only read and dream about it. : )

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    If u manage to own one, u sure put it in a safe. Ha ha!
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!


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