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Thread: Corel PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate

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    Default Corel PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate

    Hello All,

    NOt sure if this is a rite place to ask this..

    I'm looking for the above mention software.. for my PP. Just wondering if anyone in here knows where I can get that in Singapore?

    By the way they do have a website which I can make a purchase online, I was about to buy from there, but then again was scare of the reliability in terms of, what if I make payment then there is something wrong like, I will not get any serial no from them.. and so on..

    Anyone does know where I can buy them off shelf in Singapore? and would good also if any one can recommend where to buy it?


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    i have bought 3 versions (1 full version and 2 upgrades over the years) from corel for PSP over the years. absolutely no issue on getting the serial nor the software. just remember to print out a hardcopy of your serial number (you'll receive via email) and also to make backup copies of the installation file that you download can liao.

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    can try Challenger... they do carry some Corel stuff...


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