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Thread: Soccer - shoot and switch

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    Default Soccer - shoot and switch

    This is basically what is going to happen...
    - 12 participants (players cum photographers)
    - 4-a-side soccer

    A 4-a-side soccer match will be held, the players would be the photographers themselves. 8 photographers will be form the 2 teams and the non-players would be bashing out their motor drives :P basically, the players just swap in and out between soccer and photography.

    In summary...
    Date: 2 June 2012 (Sat)
    Timing: 830-10am
    Venue: Some-weird-field-in-east-cost-park

    Please PM me with your REAL NAME and PHONE NUMBER to indicate your interest. Enquiries are also welcomed. Limited to 12 participants max.

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    Default Re: Soccer - shoot and switch

    i like this. too bad i can't make it. but can you post pix so that i can keep in touch. videographers should be interested too.


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