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    I want some portable speakers for my ipod to use on studio and other shoots... what would you recommend?

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    What is your budget like?

    If you are going for true quality, BOSE has came up with a speaker system specially for iPOD... You can check it out from

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    no need to pay so much $$$, think maybe a 2.1 speaker system should be good enough.

    to pay $500+ for a BOSE speaker, then get a mini hifi system better

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    the newer inMotion speakers by altec lansing look good. folds up into something the size/shape of a book when not in use, and comes with remote control. i think should be around $280 in shops...

    if that's too ex, the older version is about $30-$40 less. also try going to the apple shop at wheelock, there's quite a range of speakers these days. but just go there to see lah, prices there are

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    I'm also looking for some speaker choices for my iPod as well.

    I don't think the Bose SoundDock is portable, and I've personally tried the inMotions, they are rather crappy in sound (and IMHO, not worth the price).

    The next alternative that you can look at would be the iPal. It produces one of the best sound quality a mono-speaker configuration radio can offer. Pricing around $325 I think.

    Personally, I'm looking for cheaper alternatives as well. Was actually wondering if there are those portable radios (like this Philips portable radio/alarm clock I have) that have aux. input.


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