View Poll Results: do you have any formal photography training before?

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  • Yes, I attended training (eg classes, seminars, workshops etc)

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  • Not attended any classes, but plan to.

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Thread: do you have any formal photography training before?

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    learn from commercial photographers, work as assistance in commercial field , shooting in film, wasted lots of $ developing, feel the pain, very careful nowadays............................

    don believe in cert, doesn't prove anything (my point of view)

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    There is a parallel thread on an almost similar topic.

    It is wonderful to know that so many here have the motivation to self-learn, with inputs from books, magazines, internet forums, other photogs.

    But I just wonder how many here actually had attended a concentrated week of workshop with a good teacher/photographer? I do not think that courses such as the PSS comes into the category I am talking about.

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    Default learning a life process

    I came from a formal training in photography for 3 years, and i would say that proper education is an important step stool to understanding all the technical and conceptual aspects of photography. In school , you'll get to touch almost all genre of photography. However, it is through another few years of practicing, reading, APPRECIATING that one starts to develop his style and strength in the area of his interest.

    I don't think i have finish learning what i want to even though to this date, I have a full time relationship with photography for more than 6 years now. Technicality though crucial, has it's limitation to a certain point. What's photography beyond technicality? The next plateau-breaking point i guess is to start to identify what type of photography do you like and to pursue it.

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    self thought. read magazines and a few books. study others work for inspiration and try to understand how image came about and what it's all about.

    still learning and will keep on learning.
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    The bulk of my info comes from and The practical experience through a lot of film. The info is all out there, on the net.

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    London trained, Japan trained, Kar Ti trained Mah Shi Ai Sai.
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