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    Recently, i got a Nikon speedlight SB700 for my D700. I am new in using a external flashlight. Most of the time i am shooting in manual mode. When i first installed my flashlight (TTL mode) and my camera in manual mode, ISO 200, Shutter speed 1/80 and Aperture F8. My camera reading show it is underexposed, but the picture came out quite okie, if i play around with the camera setting, it always show underexposed, Why is it so? How come my camera never tell me the correct exposure?? And when i set the flashlight in Rear or slow, i think it doesnt have any effect at all. When my camera in Aperture priority, the speed can go as low as 1sec, i thought with the flashlight on, it shouldnt have this kind of slow shutter speed. Can anyone please advice me on the flash

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    You need to learn the basics of metering and how flash works. A good place to start is here:

    Nikon CLS Practical Guide: 1. Nikon Flash - Two Separate Metering Systems

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    Thanks alot daredevil123....


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