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Thread: Macro lens for jewelry photography.

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    Default Macro lens for jewelry photography.

    Hi. I am looking for macro lens for my old canon 300d.

    I will need it for quality jewelry shots for my ecommerce site. I managed to take some OK ones with build up lens of 300d. But surely need macro lens.

    So far i found 2 "budget" lenses that supports 1:1:

    [1]Tokina AT-X Pro 35/2,8 DX Macro
    [2]Sigma EX 50mm f/2,8 DG Macro

    After checking some reviews i think Sigma will be good for my need.

    would like to hear your advice before buying, total noob here

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    Default Re: Macro lens for jewelry photography.

    Both are good (with my own preference for the Sigma), but it's your lighting setup that will matter more, especially for jewelry, etc. Otherwise you can have the best lens and still not get good shots.

    You could also do a search and read similar previous threads on shooting jewelry:
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