The Travel Story: Very Special Last Minute Offer…

Baobab Photography Training is very excited about its new 4-lesson course The Travel Story starting this weekend. This is a practical, hands-on course designed to dramatically improve your travel photographs focusing on both your technical and creative skills as you grow your potential as a photographer and feed your imagination.

We spend half of each lesson in the studio covering theory and learning the foundations of the Travel Story plus reviewing photos from our practical shootouts. The other half of the lesson is spent on location in the colorful, bustling streets of Little India with themed, guided shootouts covering the various elements of the Travel Story. The course incorporates a review of essential technical skills and helps participants gain confidence with their DSLR cameras. Participants should have a basic knowledge of the Aperture Priority (Av/A) and Shutter Speed Priority (Tv/S) shooting modes.

Special Introductory ‘Bring a Friend’ Offer - 50% Off Second Place – Only 3 Doubles Available
As a very special offer, bring a friend and get 50% off your second place in the course. There are only three double places, so please be quick if you are interested! Enrolments will be taken on a first in first served basis.

Intensive over two weekends: 9am-12pm, 12th & 13th May, 19th & 20th May. Cost: $420 with special 50% off ($210) for second place in course. Baobab Photography Training + Portrait Studio 6402 3802

About Us

The inspiration for Baobab Photography's training division came in early 2007 when founder Karen Lucas was asked if she would run a photography workshop for a local business women's association Art Group. The event was a hit; participant feedback was excellent and everyone wanted to learn more.

Having trained under some of the best in the business, including Joe McNally, Brett Harkness and Joe Di Baggio, and our aim is to bring this international standard of digital photography education to Singapore.

Our philosophy is simple. We love what we do and we want to exceed your training expectations. We keep our group sizes small to maximize your learning and provide practical one-to-one coaching to really develop your skills. Our information packed classes are abreast with new and rapidly changing technologies and supported with comprehensive hand-outs. They are also diverse and often include an exciting on-location component where participants apply new skills to real life shooting conditions.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of training the most amazing bunch of people from all corners of the world. It's immensely rewarding for us to share our passion and watch our students arriving at that 'lightbulb moment' and getting fired up by their newfound skills.

What’s a Baobab?

In bushman mythology the baobab (pronounced bayohbab) is considered a magical tree. There is no other tree like it – its spreading branches give the appearance of roots sticking up in the air as if it had been dropped upside down from the sky. In older trees the trunk size can grow over 10 meters in diameter. It is unique and extraordinary.

At Baobab we celebrate all things unique and extraordinary, including the intangible space between portrait photographer and subject, and student and teacher.

Come celebrate with us.

Karen Lucas
Principal Photographer